Privacy respecting video conferencing

Open Source

Senfcall heavily utilizes free open source software from the BigBlueButton ecosystem. We also developed some tools ourselves. Even though most of the BigBlueButton™ community, including the core project, uses Github to share their work, we do not feel comfortable embracing a centralized, closed source platform owned by Microsoft. We therefore provide some of our software here, in hope that it might be helpful for others. For any inquiries (issue reports, patches, etc.) about the software listed here, please drop us a mail at it [at] senfcall [dot] de, or contact us on Mastodon.

All our open source projects are available at

Currently available projects:

  • gdpr-authenticator - checks the user's privacy policy consent status using nginx authentication
    • included therein, our (german language) privacy policy
  • senfi - API client CLI tool and Rust library
  • cleanup-meeting-data - a tool which periodically removes data of finished meetings from the /var/bigbluebutton directory, improving user privacy
  • nodejs-cpu-monitor - Prometheus exporter for tracking CPU usage of BigBlueButton's single-threaded NodeJS/Meteor component
  • freeswitch-watchdog - (ONLY WORKS BEFORE BBB v2.2.21) watchdog service as workaround for occasional lock-ups of FreeSWITCH, restarts it when necessary
  • Debian package for kill-close-wait-connections - remove stale connections that can congest FreeSWITCH. This wasn't written by us, the upstream script lives on Github, we just added debian packaging and a systemd timer.